Older Projects

When I just got into music production, I released some music under a different alias called “Reversed”, which I later abandoned because I didn’t really assoicate with the genre/vibe of it anymore. These are tracks I made in the first years of learning music production. Back then I was a big fan of dubstep and fascinated by the sound design, so most of these tracks are heavily influenced by the genre. Although the thought of people listening to these tracks makes me cringe a lot, I feel like its important to still have them listed here, since it might give some more inside and perspective on my music production journey.

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There are some songs that still stick with me for a few reasons. One of my personal favourites is “Stargazer”. I started working on this song back in 2020, and I still really like the overall atmosphere and vibe of this track, especially the atmosphere in the breakdown with the big pads.

Another track that deservers some special attention is “Miracle” which I made together with my friends Aabiasaw, Piracle and Oru. We made this track originally for the FORM All-nighter, which is an event in which the community has 24 hours to make a track, and then there are 40 tracks selected to be released in a compilation. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the compilation, but i still had a great time working on this in 24 hours.

The last track I want to pinpoint is also the track I’m the most proud of from this project is a track I made together with my good friend Noctane called “Awake”. Noctane and I were working of and on on more than 5 different songs together (which are still all unfinished) but this is the only track that eventually saw the daylight. This was by far also the biggest project I’ve ever worked on for a single song (250+ tracks in ableton).

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